500 xpf / portion

Calamari Rings
Marinated Octopus
Tempura Shrimps
Nachos, Salsa & Guacamole
BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Chiken Wings

Salade Caesar


S : Small salad
XL : Big salad

• Caesar Salad..... S : 1 350 xpf - XL : 2 300 xpf
Organic Romaine, grilled and minced marinated chicken, tomatoes, parmesan shavings, croutons, cardini caesar dressing.

• Holy Coast Salad..... S : 1 350 cfp - XL : 1 950 xpf
Organic mixed greens, smoked sausage, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted potatoes with goat cheese.

• Cobb Salad..... S : 1 450 cfp - XL : 2 200 xpf
Organic lettuce, chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, red onions, Blue cheese.

Taste of the Sea..... S : 1 600 cfp - XL : 2 500 xpf
Organic Romaine, tempura prawns, Moorea prawns, smoked salmon, calamari rings, tomatoes & sweet chili sauce.

Parmesan Salad..... S : 800 xpf
Organic mixed greens, parmesan shavings, croutons, caesar dressing.

Daily Soup..... 950 xpf
(see blackboard)

Salade Caesar


Burgers are served with fries.

Chicken Burger..... 1 700 xpf
Sesame bun, marinated chicken, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, ranch sauce.

Cheese Burger..... 1 700 xpf
Ground beef, cheddar, tomatoes, onions,lettuce, mayonnaise and sweet relish.

Holy Fine Burger..... 2 900 xpf
Sesame bun, ground beef, seared fresh foie gras, smoked duck breast, caramelized onions.

Vegetarian Burger..... 1 800 xpf
Sesame bun, veggie patty, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, ranch dressing.



Vegetarian Pizza..... 1 950 xpf
Tomato sauce, seasonal vegetables, mozzarella.

Cheese Pizza..... 2 300 xpf
Tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, blue cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella.

Chicken Pizza..... 2 200 xpf
Tomato sauce,  fresh tomatoes, chicken, onions, bell peppers, mozzarella.

Extras..... 100 cfp
Chiken - Egg - Creme fraiche.

Cote de Boeuf

Holy Steak house serve only fresh meat from New-Zeland under HELLABY Label. An exceptional Meat from cattle grown outdoor and grass-fed.


Exceptional Fresh Meat from New-Zealand.

Angus Beef Sirloin..... 2 900 xpf
200g. Exceptional meat, juicy & tender!

Prime Rib..... 3 600 xpf
400g. With Guérande salt. Simply grilled, rare, so delicious!

Beef Tenderloin (Fillet)..... 2 950 xpf
200g. A renowned piece for its tenderness. Simply melts in your mouth!

Rib Steak (Rib Eye)
The One!
 200g..... 2 250 xpf
300g........ 2 950 xpf
400g........ 3 800 xpf
500g........ 4 700 xpf

Center-Cut Rump Steak..... 1 900 xpf
230g. Tender and tasty … all good!

Tartar Steak Chopped by Knife..... 2 250 xpf
250g of minced meat to be seasoned & to taste raw or seared.

 Grilled Lamb Chops..... 2 100 xpf

 BBQ Back Ribs..... 1 990 xpf
Marinated ribs with BBQ sauce.

Roasted Duck Breast..... 2 950 xpf

Beef Kebab..... 2 400 xpf
Kebabs with tomatoes, onions & pineapples of Moorea.

Extra Seared Fresh Foie Gras..... 1 000 xpf

Surf'N Turf


Surf 'N' Turf..... 3 600 xpf
200g. Juicy Angus beef sirloin with half a local lobster or prawns from the Island (depending on fishing).

New-York Strip..... 3 500 xpf
300g.Angus beef sirloin cut topped with Texan bacon & a fried egg.

Lamb Shank..... 2 400 xpf
Glazed in duck fat for 3 hours.

American Duo..... 2 650 xpf
BBQ back ribs, marinated chicken with a baked potato and grill corn, BBQ & ranch sauce.

Surf'N Turf


Barbecue, Mushroom, Pepper, Blue Cheese, Béarnaise, Shallots, Chimichurri.

Salade Caesar
Cote de Boeuf


4 990 xpf
Compose your own menu with:
A little salad
+ a main & a side
+ a dessert

Point to your choices next to red point:

Salade Caesar
Cote de Boeuf


Daily Casserole..... See blackboard

Local Lobster Raviolies..... 2 950 xpf
A tasteful homemade delicatessen served in a creamy sauce.

Moorea's Very Own Fish.....See blackboard
(Depending on daily catch)

Crevette d'Opunohu
Pavé de saumon grillé


Fish’N’Chips..... 1 850 xpf
Battered fish fillet with a homemade tartar sauce served with fries.

Moorea Prawns..... 2 600 xpf
Prawns sauteed in honey and flambee with Jack Daniel’s Honey.

Grilled Langoustine..... 950 xpf / 100 g.
Local lobster (depending on fishing) - 500g. minimum.

Meka Kebab..... 2 600 xpf
Kebabs of Polynesia swordfish with tomatoes, onions & pineapples of Moorea (depending on fishing).


Free refills only with an entrée.... 450 xpf
Vegetable Stir-Fry
Mashed Potatoes with Chorizo
Potato au Gratin
Baked Potato & Chive Cream
Perfumed White Rice
Organic Mixed Greens


A main + a juice or syrup + a dessert..... 1 900 xpf

4 Chicken Wings
marinated with fries.
Kid Burger
Ground beef, melted cheese with fries.
Grilled Steak or Fish
Crunchy Waffle
with chocolate sauce & whipped cream.
Ice Cream
2 scoops of your choice.

Cheese Cake
Donut Glace Vanille


 Coco Brulée..... 1 250 xpf
Coconut crème brulée and vanilla of Moorea served in fresh coconut.

XXL Profiteroles..... 1 350 xpf
3 puffs pastry filled with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce.

Cheese-Cake..... 1 400 xpf
with berry or caramel sauce.

 Brownie..... 1 300 xpf
A classic with toasted pecan nuts, vanilla ice cream.

The Royal..... 1 400 xpf
For chocolate lovers - Dark chocolate mousse on a crunchy chocolate and praline biscuit.

Iced Nougat..... 1 400 xpf
Melting sweetness with rhum, pineapples, pecan nuts, raisins.


 3 Scoops of your choice..... 900 xpf
Ice Cream : Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Coconut, Pistachio, Salted Butter Caramel, Nougat, Taro, Tiare Flower.
Sherbet : Lychee, Lime, Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit, Soursop.

 Chocolate or Coffee Liegeois..... 1 200 xpf
Ice cream, hot chocolate or coffee, whipped cream.

 The White Lady..... 1 200 xpf
Vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream.

The Colonel..... 1 200 xpf
Lime sherbet, vodka.

Banana Split..... 1 200 xpf
Fresh banana, vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream.

 The Bounty..... 1 200 xpf
Coconut & chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, grated coconut, dark chocolate shavings.

Extras :
1 scoop of ice cream or sherbet: 300 xpf - Whipped cream:100 xpf - Hot chocolate or Caramel Sauce: 100 xpf

 Crispy Waffle..... 1 100 xpf
Hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

 Chocolate Donut..... 1 100 xpf
with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

Anniversary special offer: Cake OFFERT to be shared (reservation 24h before)